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10 Tips for a Luxurious Italian Vacation

Italy is a country overflowing with an incredible blend of art, wine and cuisine, cultural treasures, architectural wonders, and breathtaking scenery. When surveying those wishing to plan a vacation, Italy consistently tops the wish list chart, and it's not hard to see why.

If you're seeking the perfect Italian travel experience, we've compiled a list of our top 10 travel tips to enhance your journey. From blending in seamlessly with the locals to choosing the perfect time to visit, our recommendations are aimed at helping you avoid touristy pitfalls and make the most of your adventure. 


Get ready for an exciting adventure as we uncover the secrets to a luxurious Italian vacation.


1. Embrace the Italian Language

I suggest you learn some basic phrases to help you mix and mingle with the locals.  Reserve the salutation "Ciao" exclusively for acquaintances and close friends while employing "Buon Giorno" in the morning and "Buona Sera" in the late afternoon and evening when addressing individuals with whom you are less familiar. Demonstrating an effort to speak some Italian while in their homeland is highly regarded by Italians. Thus, it is courteous to acquaint yourself with a few essential phrases before your journey. 

2. Dress like an Italian

When it comes to planning your outfits for a trip to Italy, certain styles of clothing will help you blend into the local community. Italians love to wear scarves! They also combine black and gray garments (a pant, skirt, or shirt) with a colorful sweater, jacket, scarf, or wrap. Don't forget to bring a lovely leather bag to carry the necessities with you each day. Don't have one? There are plenty of leather shops in Italy. Purchase one while there.  Bring along a great pair of sunglasses too. Opt for comfortable footwear that transcends flip-flops, ensuring your choice meets the occasion because you will be walking a lot. 


If you plan to visit places of worship like revered landmarks like St. Peter's Basilica or St. Mark's Basilica, it is customary to cover your knees and shoulders as a sign of respect. Ensure you bring appropriate clothing to dress modestly. A long skirt or pant, wrap or shawl, and a shirt with sleeves would be sufficient.  Embrace a modest, intelligent casual dressing approach that reflects the sophistication and cultural sensitivity.

3. Travel in the off-season

While Italy attracts lots of tourists, there are fewer travelers during certain months of the year. Plan a visit during the off-season months of May, June, September, or October.  During these months, you will find milder temperatures compared to the scorching heat of July and August. While traveling between November and April allows you to escape the summer heat, you may encounter rain showers, reduced operating hours at various attractions, extended lunchtime breaks, and occasional closures. Certain beach towns, like Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, tend to close of the resorts and stores during this period. Nevertheless, embracing the off-season allows a more serene exploration of Italy's treasures.

4. Know your coffee

It is customary in Italy to forgo your typical Starbucks order and instead indulge in the nation's espresso-based coffees. Unlike the usual American practice of carrying around a to-go cup, Italians prefer to savor their single shot of espresso while seated at a coffee counter or bar and chatting with friends. It is worth noting that Italians exclusively enjoy cappuccinos during breakfast hours, refraining from ordering them after 11:30 am. Furthermore, if you desire a more robust coffee experience, refrain from requesting a double shot, as this will result in two separate servings. Instead, opt for a "caffè lungo," which offers a lengthier espresso extraction while maintaining the traditional intensity. 

5. Exercise Caution while Walking Across the Street

Navigating the bustling streets of Italian cities, especially Rome, demands heightened vigilance due to traffic's fast, unpredictable nature. Before crossing any road, diligently observe both directions and watch for cars and scooters. Do not focus on your phone as you cross the road. On my recent trip to Rome, I saw lots of tourists glued to their smartphones while crossing a busy street. Unfortunately, some drivers may disregard pedestrian rights, even at designated crosswalks. To ensure your safety, pay attention. 

6. Leave your meal up to the chef

Italy reigns supreme in gastronomy, with its culinary experts possessing extensive knowledge and expertise. As a sign of respect, it is considered impolite to request substitutions or alterations to the dishes meticulously crafted by Italian chefs. (They intend to present each creation most authentically.) If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, advise the restaurant staff when ordering.  They will guide you toward suitable alternatives without compromising the essence of the cuisine.

7. Plan to Dine Later in the Evening with the Locals

To fully enjoy the dining experience, plan to align your dinner plans with the Italians. In southern Italy, it is common to dine later in the evening, typically after 9 pm. In addition, upscale restaurants usually serve aperitivos (pre-dinner beverages and small bites) beginning around 7 pm. Always check with the restaurant to ensure you know what time meal service begins. Adapting to these dining customs ensures a more immersive and authentic culinary journey.

8. Stay hydrated

It is crucial to maintain proper hydration. Take advantage of the numerous water fountains throughout the cities to refill your reusable bottle. These fountains, known as "nation," have been supplied by aqueducts for centuries, providing fresh and cool water. 

9. Sidestep Lengthy Queues

By working with me here at RLX Travel Group, you can access exclusive benefits such as private tours, behind-the-scenes visits, and customized experiences, enabling you to bypass long lines. This saves valuable time and allows for more time to sightsee and enjoy your vacation. 

10. Stay Safe

Remaining vigilant is essential when traveling in Italy, as pickpocketing is relatively common, particularly in crowded tourist areas and on public transportation. Ensure the security of your belongings. Ladies, wear a cross-body purse with zippered pouch. Gentlemen, stow your wallet in an inside jacket pocket, so no one's hand can slip in unnoticed.  When checking into the hotel, request a hotel business card so you will know the address of the property if you become lost. Carry identification with you at all times. Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers specific to the area in which you are visiting, and store them in your phone's contact list. These preventive measures promote a safe and worry-free exploration of Italy's cities and countryside. 

Whether you want to explore historic ruins in Rome, ride a gondola in Venice, or relax in luxury at a beautiful resort on the Amalfi Coast, I can help you plan an incredible trip. I can provide you with private tours, personalized experiences, and access to skip-the-line privileges. So if you're ready to experience the magic of Italy, contact me today and I'll help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

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