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Helping You Live Your Dream One Vacation at a Time

RLX was born out of a love for exploration and a dream to create exceptional travel experiences. At RLX Travel Group, clients bring us their wildest travel dreams and we turn them into reality. Our full-service agency caters to those seeking thorough vacation planning and superb coordination with no need to lift a finger or waste time managing the vacation themselves. RLX consultants make trip planning a worry-free process and the end result is a fabulous vacation filled with unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. Because we’ve cultivated relationships with amazing travel partners worldwide, we are able to curate vacation itineraries that are simply spectacular and unique in nature. Years of expertise blended with in-depth knowledge of vacation design enable us to plan and customize your once-in-a-lifetime trip!

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VTA, ECC, Lead Travel Advisor 

Years ago, Melissa and her husband sold their home and belongings (yes, all of it!), purchased a huge 40-foot-long diesel pusher motorhome, and took an epic tour of the United States. They loved the incredible sightseeing opportunities provided while living the RV lifestyle. What’s more, they were excited about luxury cruising and the continent-hopping their nomadic lifestyle allowed them to enjoy. Often they would drive to the nearest cruise port, park the motorhome, and sail off on a ship to far-off places. For two years, she and her husband crisscrossed the country— and the world! For now, they have settled down, and while they still plan unique vacation getaways for themselves, Melissa now focuses on helping others live out their travel dreams too!

Melissa has a lifelong obsession with travel. Her myriad of captivating adventures in exotic countries across the globe not only brought her so much joy, but also led her to open RLX Travel Group. Since opening her agency, she worked diligently to earn the American Society of Travel Advisor’s Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) certification and the coveted Elite Cruise Counselor certificate (ECC) from Cruise Lines International Association.   

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Melissa’s Journeys Around the World 


Get inspired by some of Melissa’s favorite adventures!

On her birthday, she spent the day in Iceland's northernmost point (Grimsey) on the Arctic Circle surrounded by puffins. The Arctic Circle and puffins on the same day - what a birthday!


During an Alaskan cruise, she and her group took a 4x4 ride up to the top of a glacier, where they indulged in a breathtaking—albeit chilly!—picnic on the ice.

Sailing over majestic Atlantic waters on a 26-day voyage, she and her husband marveled at volcanic green mountains of the Azores, which are lush Portuguese islands nearly 1,000 miles from the European coast.

Winding through Eastern Europe on a river cruise, they had the chance to check enchanting destinations like Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania off their bucket list.

Motoring down on a scenic road through the Carpathian Mountains, their tour group stopped in a tiny village where the villagers invited them into a beautiful church and put on a show. It was a wonderful play which the village residents had written themselves about the town's history!

Melissa's Fast Facts


Learn more about Melissa

Melissa and her husband are both veterans of the United States Army; he’s a former Green Beret who retired from the 5th Special Forces Group and she served in the medical field as a Pharmacy Technician.

She graduated from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas in 2000.
She LOVES planning anniversary trips—maybe that is because she and her husband just celebrated their 33st anniversary!

One of her favorite trips to date was visiting Dubai and staying in the luxurious Burj Al Arab. This journey included a sunset camel ride through the desert, a private dinner among the dunes, a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, and lots of great conversations with the locals and about life in Dubai.

Her favorite coffee drink is a frozen caramel frappe - with extra caramel!

Destinations on Melissa’s bucket list: India, eastern Canada during whale watching season, Maldives, Seychelles, and a World Cruise!

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Mason and Melissa Waimea Canyon
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Melissa loves to share her stories! Perhaps some of the tales will encourage you to chase after your travel dreams as well!


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