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6 Tips to Making Your Long International Flight More Comfortable

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

First things first…

Let’s face it, traveling internationally is worth it, trust me, but long flights don’t typically make people get excited. As a matter of fact, the thought of a long international flight often induces people to groan as they think about cramped seating, unappetizing meals, snoring seat mates… You get the picture, right?

Let me make a few suggestions that may make the journey more comfortable.

1. Fly First Class or Business Class

Many airlines give you a pillow, blanket and complete toiletry kit so you can “go to bed” in your seat.  Have you heard of “Lie Flat” seating?  “Lie Flat” seating is becoming more common on aircraft flying international routes. 

This type of seating folds down into a flat bed and allows you to relax and sleep on the flight. I had the pleasure of experiencing this myself on Emirates and found I was refreshed and ready to hit the ground running after my 15 hour flight. 

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Don’t wear your pajamas or dress immodestly for the flight. Try to avoid clothes that are too tight, bunch or ride up in funny ways, are made of materials that irritate your skin (think scratchy fabrics like wool), or are otherwise bothersome in any other way.   

Consider soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen and design features like elastic waist bands.  Wear multiple thin layers so you can add or remove clothing to help regulate your body temperature in transit. Cabin temperatures are notorious for fluctuating and no one likes to roast one minute and feel frozen the next. Comfy shoes are also a must! Don’t wear brand new shoes that may still be in that break-in period and could give you blisters. Wear shoes you know you can walk all day in without your feet screaming to be set free. 

3. Reserve Bulkhead or Exit Row seating

Nothing makes a long flight more uncomfortable than feeling like you have no place to stretch your legs. To help solve this problem, consider reserving an aisle seat, bulk head seat, or exit row seat for more leg room. There is usually an additional charge to reserve the space, but it is worth paying an additional sum of money to ensure you have the extra space.

If you have enough airline frequent flier points, you may be able to get an upgrade to Business or First Class seating.  Extra leg room can surely make a long flight more tolerable.

4. Stay Hydrated

This point is not to be overlooked. Drink plenty of water throughout the flight. It isn’t enough to chug down one bottle of water and think you’ve had enough to satisfy your physical needs.

You should drink water liberally stretched over the course of the flight. Want to avoid headaches, nausea and fatigue while in flight?  Drink plenty of water!

5. Pack Plenty of Gadgets to Entertain Yourself along with a Portable Battery Charger 

Although most long-haul flights will have inflight movies, your choices may be limited. Bring a tablet or laptop loaded with your favorite movies. Pack a good book or load your Kindle something to read. Make sure you download multiple books or magazines prior to boarding the flight. 

Love podcasts? There is a podcast for every interest out there. You can be entertained, educated, or both. And here is a bonus – podcasts take up less space and use less battery power than movies – so load ‘em up! And last, but certainly not least, bulk up your digital playlists with some of your favorite music to enjoy. Bring along noise-cancelling headphones to zone out and relax.

6. Purchase some Healthy Snacks/Small Meals before Boarding the Flight

Do not rely on the airlines to provide quality snacks and meals while in flight. Pack multiple items you enjoy and ones that do not require refrigeration. Consider bagging up smaller meals with a good balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and plant-based foods to stay happy and healthy on long haul flights and to avoid jet leg. 

Plan for travel delays. Pack extra snacks, like containers of trail mix or dried fruit. For Business and First Class travelers, most airlines provide you a menu of complimentary gourmet food, and in some cases, it’s made to order – VERY different from the food served in economy.  Stuck in economy?  Bring snacks that are compact and will fit easily in your stowaway bag and don’t have strong odors, like fish.

Just like with anything in life, preparing your attitude ahead of time is key to success. Why not look at the time you are going to spend on a long-haul flight as a glorious day of rest, a true holiday. No phone calls, no text messages, no social media, no responsibilities.

Sit back and relax, sleep, read that great book you’ve been wanting to read, binge watch movies guilt-free.  You’re going to be stuck on a plane for a long time – you might as well turn it into something you can enjoy! Have a great flight!

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