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Tasting Thailand!

A Vibrant Array of Flavor Calls out to You!

Detect the essence of Thailand in the array of dishes that speak to the country’s vibrant cultural identity. From marketplaces flush with luscious tropical fruits to the friendly smiles of those serving you a delicious meal, the cuisine of this country will leave you craving many happy returns. To prime your appetite for an enticing adventure, we suggest a variety of ways to experience the flavors of Thailand.

Thailand’s most reverently upheld traditions are the offshoot of the locals’ appreciation of food. Following rice harvest, the national festival of Loy Krathong held annually in November celebrates the water spirits who impart a fruitful growing season, beautifully marked by floating candles that set waterways aglow for miles.  During Songkran, the Thai New Year in April, join the locals who visit wats (temples) to offer alms and meals to monks, or take part in a playful water fight as they splash one another in an act of cleansing and renewal. You’ll also discover festivals solely celebrating Thai cuisine. In July, attend the sixth-annual Thai Food Festival where you’ll be treated to tried-and-true recipes by some of the nation’s leading restaurants. Sample the cool yet fiery Som Tum, a slaw of green papaya mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, peanuts and plenty of garlic and hot chilies, favored in the fields of northeast Thailand. Tom Kha Kai warms you with tropical flavors, painting a picture of limestone-karst beaches and palm trees clustered with tropical coconuts, whose milk makes the base for this dish. Steaming pots of aromatic rice draw you to the festival’s cooking demonstrations, which have featured highly respected chefs like Boonsamith Pukkanasut, better known as “Chef Book,” a famous Thai restaurateur and host of the PBS show, Foodwork.

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