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Choose the Right River Cruise Stateroom - It Really Does Make a Difference!

Updated: Feb 20

River cruise ship suite
River cruise ship luxury suite stateroom


I'm not sure about you, but each trip I take, I learn something valuable. When my husband and I sailed on our first river cruise years ago, we didn't have a flexible work schedules. This meant our choices were limited. After researching all the river cruises, we found the cruise that interested us and guess what - there was only one stateroom left on the ship. We reserved it. Our room was located on the lower level of the ship, which only provided a small porthole window. It definitely did not look like the stateroom pictured above!

You will hear people say, “You won’t be in the room much anyway.” Apparently they don't know me because I use my stateroom as a retreat from the world when I'm on vacation. I lean over the railing to gaze at the landscapes as we sail down the river. Yes my friends, I spend time in my room.

Since our room was located just above water level and the port hole was above eye level, I did not have a good view in my cabin. Several times I pulled over a chair to stand on so I could catch a glimpse of the water splish-splashing the side of the ship. Not the ideal room for me. In addition, the weather was very cool and often rainy, which made sitting on the upper deck unpleasant. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the main lounge making new friends and drinking hot chocolate.

Lesson learned: Choose a River Cruise stateroom with a French balcony or double balcony. You’ll have spectacular views of the river - regardless of the weather. And another perk – this type of balcony room ensures great pictures as you sail down the river in style! Get ready to set sail and explore the world's most stunning waterways - download our river cruise guide now and start planning your dream adventure today!

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