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4 Misconceptions about Adventure Travel (updated)

Updated: Aug 1

Adventure Travel is a new and rapidly-growing segment of the travel industry. The definition of “adventure travel” varies between travelers and there are many misconceptions existing today. 

Misconception #1 – Adventure Travel is only for young people

Absolutely false! The Adventure Travel Trade Association published a 2018 article revealing the largest percentage of adventure travelers are between the ages of 50 and 70 with a whopping 41% of the market.  The average age of an adventure traveler is 49 years of age.

Misconception #2 – Adventure Travel is very expensive

This is simply not so. As a would-be adventure traveler, you have options to reduce the cost if needed. You may choose to adjust the level of accommodation from a top-rated hotel suite down to standard sized room. Next, consider traveling during the “off season.”  When thinking about air transportation – taking the red-eye flight or adding an additional layover in route may lower the flight cost significantly.   Adventure travel does not have to break the bank.

Misconception #3 – Adventure Travel must be a vacation of extremes! Extremely cold, extremely hot, extremely high on the mountain, extremely fast paced, extremely physical. This may not be your cup of tea – or maybe it is!  

Pushing oneself to the limits may be part of your definition for adventure travel, but keep in mind – one person’s limits are not the same as another. There are adventure trips geared toward photographing wildlife or birding in the Galapagos Islands. In comparison, there are expeditions that skirt the Antarctic region allowing adventurers to hop on dog sleds, spend the night on a glacier and see nature at its finest.  Whatever your dream may be, kayaking in Maui or traveling to Alaska during the summer for a whale watching trip, it doesn’t have to include an “extreme” condition.

Misconception #4 – Adventure Travel means you can expect poor accommodations in a rugged, isolated environment with no electric or toilet facilities 

Again, FALSE! Expedition ships have suites with all the bells and whistles available. Some safari companies have yurts and tents that rival the finest hotels in the world. All tour companies provide facilities that provide creature comforts you’ll appreciate.

Don't let the word "Adventure" sway you from considering this style of vacation. Today active travelers seek to immerse themselves in different cultures and experience activities that challenge them personally. There is a wide range of hiking, cycling, ecotourism, culinary and expedition cruise voyages for travelers to choose from and regardless of age, there is a trip for you!   Just remember, don’t let the misconceptions revolving adventure travel keep you home.  Get out and enjoy an adventure!

After reading this article, you may have some questions about adventure travel. If so, please reach out to me. I would be happy to help you sift through the many vacation options to find the perfect vacation that matches your needs.

Melissa Meredith Fail standing near Stone Henge in Great Britain
Melissa Meredith Fail visiting Stone Henge in Great Britain.

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