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What You Should Know About Expedition Cruising

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Expedition ship in icy water
Expedition ship sails in icy waters

For many years cruises have been a favorite vacation ranking high on most people's "must-do" list. While cruises are still enormously popular, there is a new trend in cruising - the expedition cruise. What makes an expedition cruise special? An expedition cruise focuses more on a specific destination, provides an educational atmosphere hosted by top-notch guides and environmentalists, offers amazing shore excursion opportunities - often using zodiac boats, and generally features smaller groups of passengers with smaller ships.

Size Means Everything

Smaller ships are important on an expedition cruise. With a smaller-sized vessel, the captain is able to maneuver the ship through narrow passages and position it as closely as possible to the landing area. A smaller ship also holds fewer passengers and fewer guests means more time on land (weather permitting.) Certain places, like Antarctica have limits as to how many visitors can go on land per day. Try to avoid larger cruise ships. Logistically, the cruise line must divide their passengers into larger groups, move guests speedily through the zodiac landing and land visit, rotating large groups quickly. As a result passengers are not able to spend as much time on land snapping pictures of wildlife and soaking in the experience. When choosing an expedition cruise, look for ships that hold 200 or less guests.

Unforgettable Shore Excursions

Expedition cruises venture into untouched areas of the globe in search of wildlife and natural geological wonders. By using a zodiac landing craft, passengers are able to easily move between the ship and land to photograph nature at its finest! You'll find that many expedition cruises focus on regions like the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and the Arctic.

Educational Focus

Instead of sitting alongside a pool with a favorite cocktail, expedition cruise passengers focus on educational experiences. As a passenger, you'll have opportunities to hear from historians, naturalists, ecologists, and expedition leaders detailing facts about the region along with highlights about the wildlife or geological wonders you will observe.

A Focus on the Environment

Since expedition cruises take place in environmentally vulnerable locations around the world, it is of utmost importance that all activities have minimal impact on the environment. Cruise lines developed safe practices and make it a priority to observe them on every voyage.

When seeking more from a cruise experience, consider an expedition cruise. You'll have an itinerary focused on an inspiring destination, packed with educational experiences hosted by top-notch experts, and unique shore excursions your friends will envy! Have questions about the perfect expedition voyage that matches your interests? Contact us today.

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