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What You can expect when sailing the Mekong River with AmaWaterways

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

AmaWaterways River Cruise in Mekong River

"It is no secret that AmaWaterways is one of my favorite river cruise lines. They design every river cruise itinerary to allow guests to immerse themselves - tasting, sensing, and experiencing all the indulgences of a river cruise. As a travel designer, I love to pair AmaWaterways river cruises with exciting pre-cruise and post-cruise activities, which provide my clients with unforgettable experiences." Melissa Meredith Fail, Lead Travel Advisor, ECC, VTA with RLX Travel Group

Sailing along the Mekong at a leisurely pace reveals landscapes as you’ve never seen them before. On the top deck of the ship, relax with a cool drink amid tropical breezes watching as the timeless scenery slips by — small villages and towns nestled in lush foliage, bathed in brilliant sunlight. But you will quickly realize the scenery is only a fraction of your experience here on the Mekong because while the places you see are inspirational, it is most definitely the people who will touch your heart.

Monks with tourists

On river cruise voyages through Southeast Asia, each day brings you closer to understanding the small rural villages and large cities you visit. Shore excursions are an excellent way to connect with local communities. For example, see what rural life in Cambodia was once like in Angkor Ban, one of the few villages not destroyed during the devastating Khmer Rouge regime. Stilted wooden homes still stand under the cover of banana trees, and locals welcome you into their community to share stories of the past and present. Perhaps you would like to receive a blessing from Cambodia’s Buddhist monks. Clad in saffron-colored robes, monks will impart traditional chants within an impressive Buddhist center in Oudong, Cambodia’s former royal capital and pilgrimage site.

Your floating resort transports you from Cambodia to Vietnam, revealing another world of timeless cultures that have long flourished along the river. Explore the small town of Tân Châu on a three-wheeled cyclo taxi, and meet the crafters who weave mats from rattan and view the woven silk masterpieces. History comes to vivid life in these excursions — from the markets of Sa Déc, the inspiring town author Marguerite Duras to pen her famous novel, “The Lover,” to the vast forest of Xèo Qu´yt containing the Viet Cong bunkers and underground tunnels.

Leaving Positive Footprints

While in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visit the Opportunities of Development thru Arts (ODA) Free Village English school. Many guests bring school supplies and personal hygiene products to support children along the Mekong River and enjoy spending time with the students. The school is making a difference in the area and many river cruisers consider the visit to ODA a highlight of their trip!

Opportunities of Development thru Arts (ODA) Free Village English school

There are many unique experiences at your fingertips when sailing with AmaWaterways on the Mekong River. We welcome the opportunity to share more about river cruising with you. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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