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Exploring the Canadian Rockies by Train

Updated: Feb 7

Passenger train passing through the Canadian Rockies
Train passing through the Canadian Rockies

Why do travelers from around the globe yearn to board a luxury train to explore the Canadian Rockies? It could be the colossal-sized mountains and crystal clear lakes, plentiful wildlife sightings, or a fascination with train journeys in general. People long for the chance to soak in the natural hot mineral springs or enjoy the panoramic views while riding in a gondola during a visit to Banff or Lake Louise. Whatever the reason, a train journey through the Canadian Rockies is a must!

The majestic Canadian Rockies offer the perfect setting for an adventure aboard a train. Wonderous views emerge as you wind through the towering mountain passes. Snow-capped mountain peaks, gushing rivers, and steep rocky canyons appear around each curve of the journey. Prepare to be amazed and have your camera ready!

For those who long to travel in luxury, the train journey itself is pure pleasure. Hosts of the highest caliber narrate the trip regaling you with intriguing stories about the history of the area. Love to be spoiled while traveling? The hosts cater to your every whim and spoil you minute by minute with first-class service. Enjoy locally inspired cuisine curated by world-class chefs. Enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine while you chat with fellow passengers and soak up the incredible experience while motoring down the tracks.

The train operates from late April to early October. Since this is a daylight train, guests ride the train during the day viewing spectacular mountain vistas and waterfalls. Later in the afternoon, the train pulls into the station and passengers have ample time to stroll around quaint towns and spend the night at a beautiful hotel.

Perhaps you are trying to decide the perfect time to go?

In early spring, you will see snow in the higher elevations, lakes may still be partially frozen, and glacial snowmelt causes the rivers to swell. Bears and their cubs come out of hibernation, increasing your chances of spotting wildlife from the train.

Summer ushers in even more daylight hours. Keep your camera ready for the perfect picture of bison calves or mountain goat kids venturing out in the untamed wilderness under the watchful eye of their parents. Later in the day, hop off the train and explore towns like Lake Louise, Banff or Jasper. Consider window shopping, kayaking in the lake, or playing a round of golf.

The autumn season introduces cooler weather. Visitors to Banff are in for quite a treat! Larch trees unfold a breathtaking display as their leaves turn from lush greens to vibrant gold in mid-to-late September. Banff attracts folks who love to hike amidst the golden larches on the Larch Valley trail. Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy viewing the elk rutting season. It begins in late August and continues until mid-October.

Care to check out an amazing Rocky Mountaineer adventure? This itinerary blends two routes to create a Circle Journey. Sample Itinerary

Want to have more fun on this vacation? Invite your favorite friends to come along, plan a girls' get-away adventure, or consider a family reunion. These are all great reasons to take the trip of a lifetime together. And don't worry, I'll help you make it easy! My specialty is planning vacations that alleviate stress and remove headaches for my clients - all you need to do is pack a bag and board the plane. Ready to go?

For more information about the Rocky Mountaineer train route throughout the Canadian Rockies, please reach out to me. I'll be happy to send details about specific itineraries and share more about the perks of traveling by train. Contact me


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