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Great question! Our agency works with busy professionals who have little time to plan every minute detail of a vacation or the patience to track and manage all the moving parts of a vacation. We also serve a great number of retirees who have the time to plan their vacation, but do not wish to worry about the details – they simply want to go, go, go!

Let’s face it, time is valuable and most of us don’t want to waste a minute on tasks that aren’t enjoyable.

  • It takes time to research, scrolling through page after page on the Internet, never knowing whether the information is accurate and realizing much of it is certainly misleading. How do you know what is reliable and what is not?

  • It takes time to call resorts, hotels, airlines, limousines/car companies, insurance providers and tour operators to inquire about pricing for each part of the trip. Who has the time to sit on hold for long periods of time?

  • It takes time to find the best flights, hotels, resorts, cars and activities to fit into the budget. Do you really want to jump from website to website comparing prices only to find they’ve changed once you are ready to book?

  • It takes time to call each place to arrange the perfect hotel rooms, select airline seats, reserve the appropriate car and choose daily activities and tours for the trip. Do you have the time and patience required to book each of these for your trip?


  • It takes time to manage the trip after the reservations are made. Do you want to call the hotel periodically to ensure you have a room facing the ocean? Do you have the time to follow up with the airline watching for schedule changes?  Do you have the time and patience to monitor the vacation components to ensure nothing gets canceled? You may have to track your vacation plans for months or years!


So, how do we help you save time and eliminate the frustration and stress involved with vacation planning?  Simple, it all starts with a phone consultation scheduled at your convenience. Easy, right?

During the consultation, we listen to your vacation ideas and ask questions to learn more about your interests, preferences, and budget. Our goal? To know you more intimately to create the perfect vacation. 


After the phone consultation, we’ll begin researching all the options available for your trip and this is where the magic begins! We’ll design a vacation experience based on the information you provided during the consultation. Using our top-rated, award-winning resorts, land, cruise, and tour partners, we will design a wonderful vacation itinerary for your review.  Yes, RLX takes care of the time-consuming, stress-inducing vacation planning – every single bit of it.  All you need to do is simply relax.  


Sounds perfect, right?

Cost of Vacation Planning Services:


I’m sure your next question is “What does service like this cost?” Glad you asked.  Since each client’s itinerary requires a different amount of time to design and manage, it is tough to nail down an exact price prior to our consultation.  Let’s just say, our planning service fee is money well spent when you think about the time you are saving and the headaches you avoid.    


*Please note: The planning fee is non-refundable. 


Air Travel

Need assistance booking domestic or international air reservations? Perhaps you need guidance on selecting the best flight itineraries allowing use of your loyalty or reward points? We can help. Our domestic ticketing service fee is $40 per ticket. The fee for International ticketing is $75 per ticket. 

Resort, Hotel and Villa Accommodations

By partnering with premier and luxury hoteliers, we offer our clients access to amazing villas, hotels and resorts around the world. Already know where you want to stay? We are happy to save you time and book it for you. Since we work with fabulous hotel partners, we will probably be able to add on valuable perks, like daily breakfast, complimentary car service, etc.)

Rental Vehicles and Private Car Service

We routinely book rental vehicles for clients wishing to drive themselves and sight see around the local area. If you desire a private car service, we can easily arrange chauffeured services in over one thousand major business centers across the world. Let us coordinate the details and you relax in style traveling in late-model executive and luxury vehicles. Traveling with a group? We can handle those arrangements too. With access to Mercedes-class vans up to large motorcoaches, transporting your group is a breeze.  

Book my complimentary call now!

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