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 The United Kingdom is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. It's no wonder that it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There are so many things to see and do in the UK, from exploring its cities and towns to visiting its stunning countryside. And, of course, no visit to the UK would be complete without sampling some of its delicious food and drink!

Top Attractions & Activities:

Tour London

Drive the coast

See Cornwall

Spend a day in Bath

Explore the Lake District

See Buckingham Palace

Visit the Tower of London

Relax in Brighton

Listen to music in Liverpool

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Map of England iStock-1372513053_edited.jpg

Capital and Population:

The capital city of England is London.

Population: 67.33 Million

Language Spoken:

The official language of England is English.


The official currency of England is the Pound Sterling (GBP).


For travellers bringing in money in to the UK, it is useful to ensure you bring a range of denominations when exchanging your currency.


A mixture of notes and coins ensure you have change for tips for porters, taxis etc. when you arrive. It is also useful if you are paying for anything that takes coins (some ticket machines) or does not give change back from notes.

Best Time to Visit and Weather:

The ideal times to visit the United Kingdom are spring, which spans from late March to early June, and autumn, from September to November. During these seasons, the weather is typically pleasant, with warm and dry conditions. In spring, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful blossoming flowers, while in autumn, you'll witness the stunning transformation of leaves as they change color. Additionally, visiting during these times allows you to avoid the larger crowds typically present in the summer.

That being said, the United Kingdom can be visited throughout the year, as its climate is generally mild and doesn't experience extreme weather conditions during summer or winter. While summer sees the highest temperatures, they rarely exceed 86°F (30°C).


Interesting Facts:
England is known for its monarchy, with the British Royal Family residing in the country. Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, has been on the throne since 1952.

England is home to numerous historic castles, such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Warwick Castle. These castles provide a glimpse into England's rich history and offer stunning architecture and cultural significance.

Football (soccer) holds a special place in English culture. The country is home to some of the world's oldest football clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool FC, and Arsenal FC. The English Premier League is widely followed and regarded as one of the top football leagues globally.

English pubs are an integral part of the country's social scene. They offer a cozy atmosphere, a wide selection of traditional ales, and are often situated in charming historic buildings. Pubs serve as community hubs where people gather to socialize, enjoy a pint, and indulge in hearty pub grub.

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