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A Tapestry of History, Innovation, and Cultural Splendor

Experience the captivating allure of Germany, where a rich history, impressive technological advancements, and magnificent culture converge. Explore the diverse landscapes, from the charming Bavarian castles to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Black Forest. Indulge in a wide range of experiences, from iconic historical landmarks to contemporary modernity, all while relishing the country's famous cuisine and welcoming hospitality.

Top Attractions & Activities:

Get lost in Berlin

See Munich

Party at Oktoberfest

Explore the Romantic Road

Hike the Black Forest

Explore Lake Constance

Visit Hanover

Hike Berchtesgaden National Park

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Capital and Population:

The capital city of Germany is Berlin.

Population of Germany: 83.2 Million

Language Spoken:

The official language of Germany is German


The official currency of Germany is Euro (EUR).


Best Time to Visit and Weather:

There is no definitive answer as to when the best time to visit Germany is. The country experiences different weather patterns at different times of year, so it really depends on what kind of activities you're interested in and what type of climate you prefer. For example, if you want to experience the famous Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, you'll need to plan your trip for September or October. 

In general, most people find that spring and autumn are the ideal times to visit Germany. The temperatures are comfortable during these months - not too hot and not too cold - and there are plenty of events and festivals taking place. Of course, this means that accommodation prices will be higher than usual during these peak seasons. 


Interesting Facts:

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