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River Cruise Stateroom Selection


Not sure about you, but each trip I take I learn something valuable. When booking a river cruise last year, there was one room left on the ship and we didn’t have a flexible schedule. We booked it. Our room was located on the lower level of the ship, which only provided a small porthole window. People may say, “You won’t be in the room all the time anyway.” Hmm. Well, that simply isn’t the case with me. I like to look at the scenery as I sail from my stateroom. Since our room was located just above water level and the port hole was not at eye level, I did not have a view at all. In addition, the weather was very cool in November with a few rain showers. Sitting on the upper deck was not always pleasant.

Lesson learned: Select a room that has a french balcony or double balcony. You’ll have spectacular views. Another perk – This ensures great pictures from your own balcony!

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