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Honeymoon Planning?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Hi Friends!

Recently I set up my travel booth at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Bridal Show. During the day, I spoke to lots of future brides and grooms. Many of them desired to go somewhere for their honeymoon, but were unsure where they wanted to go. I realized many brides were so wrapped up in planning the details of the wedding they hadn’t considered some basic questions to help move forward in the honeymoon planning process.

To help, I composed a short list of questions to consider when planning your honeymoon.

Hope this helps!

Honeymoon in Italy

Questions to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon:

What is your budget?

Do you have extra money set aside for pampering and activities or will you need to cut corners? Do both of you prefer the best hotel possible or would you prefer to spend more money on your activities?

How much time do you have for the vacation?

A long weekend, one week, two weeks? A month? Make sure you have time set aside in your work schedule. Don’t want to wait until the last minute only to find out your boss won’t approve your requested dates.

How much time do you want to spend traveling to the destination?

Think about time traveling in a car, plane or train. If you only a long weekend available for the honeymoon, you certainly don’t want to spend 50% of the time traveling to/from the destination.

What type of experience do you wish to have? 

Chill on the beach, parasail, kayak, attend a luau, go on a city tour and visit museums?  Make sure both of you have a clear idea of what the other person would like to do on the honeymoon. Try to  set aside time daily for their favorite activity as well as yours.

Happily Ever Begins Here!

Do you intend to go on the honeymoon right after the wedding? 

Some people want to go the day after their wedding while others prefer to wait a while. Weddings can be exhausting. I always suggest brides and groom give themselves a day or two after the wedding festivities to depart for the honeymoon.

Do you need help planning your honeymoon? Want some ideas for the perfect honeymoon destination?  If so, I can help. Simply click on the pic below and you’ll be redirected to my website. There you can research destinations, find my latest and greatest travel magazine and YES, contact me if you need some advice!


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