Resize 25Melissa is a graduate of Harding University and owner/CEO of RLX Travel Group, LLC.   She has been married for 26 years to her husband, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier. They have two children.  The military lifestyle afforded her family many opportunities to travel and Melissa developed a desire to see the world!  Several years ago, Melissa and her husband decided to make major changes in their lifestyle. They sold their home and personal belongings in Tennessee, purchased a tour bus and toured the country for a couple of years. This was a fantastic experience!  While on the road, they often parked the bus at the nearest airport and jumped on a cruise ship for a change of pace!  Last year, she and her husband took a 26-day Transatlantic and British Isle cruise as well as a 16-day river cruise to eastern Europe and truly enjoyed both experiences.  Melissa is a Signature Travel Expert with certifications in many areas of travel.  She has extensive knowledge in working with cruise lines as well as adventure and land tour companies.